Core App: Better payments

I thought you could consolidate all the accounts under one name now.

A few observations I’ve made while testing the new payee feature:

  • If I edit a payees name after making a payment to them, this update doesn’t pull through to the live feed. Should it?

  • If I’ve merged other bank and Monzo details to a single payee and then send money to that persons other bank, their name and photo don’t appear in my feed as they do for then I send money to their Monzo account. I think this will be addressed in a coming update though so I’ll keep :eyes: for that!


No, I don’t think it should. Your subsquently changing the payee name later doesn’t change the fact that at the time the payment was made to the original payee name. It may sound like I’m splitting hairs here, but given that the transaction feed is your “record of truth” which can’t be amended, I think that same logic applies.

I think I disagree. It’s the same principle as merchant enrichment - I’d see managing your payees as the same process as fixing a merchant name.

I think it’d be a half job if they didn’t do this, personally.


Yeah you can and I have now combined them all but at the same time it would be nice if i could jump to pay one of the accounts directly from favourites as opposed to having to click my name then choose the account.

Maybe being pernickety but im all for streamlining things, id find more benefit from seeing 3 of my accounts/payees listed in favourites which i could jump straight to paying than 5 combined contacts which i dont pay all that often but are there to pad out my favourites.


Fair point, well made.


I disagree here, it needs to be the source of truth. If i decide to delete that payee later which I quite often do, I still want it to show up in my feed and statements as who i had it set as when i sent them money, otherwise how would you ever narrow it down in that situation

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Why not have it both ways?

I think a deleted payee should retain the last saved name/reference.

But if youve updated a payee it should be reflected across all older transactions.


So that’s not what you see currently. You currently see the “recipient name” (i.e. the legal name attached to the account) which can be (and often is) different to the payee name.

I’m saying that in the feed, the recipient names should be replaced with the payee name (and picture when that ships). If you subsequently delete the payee (and therefore the payee name) it should revert to the recipient name.

(Ideally I’d like some indication as to which of my accounts a payment has come from / gone to. Maybe the first line of the notes field?)


I totally agree, some design wizardry would be needed here to make it work. I like your suggestion of bank logo’s :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m not sure I’d like that. Some of the recipients I’ve bundled under my payee name for my own accounts are organisations (e.g. my Freetrade account has account name Freetrade). I think in the feed I prefer it to say ‘you sent Freetrade’ than 'you sent [my payee name]’

Something like this would be essential if the feed name switched from account/recipient name to the grouped payee name. I wouldn’t use notes field though since that is user-editable.


It’s tricky to know what put where, isn’t it? I have my credit card under “me” but Freetrade under, well, Freetrade. I think I’m working on the basis of whether the account I’m sending to is in my name is not…

Anyway, if this did happen I’d probably end up splitting “me” into a bunch of separate payees and give them all individual names and logos (“Marcus Savings Account” etc).

Oh I totally agree. But I think that the odds of getting a new field are slim and I was clutching at a way that it might be doable in the UI - albeit suboptimally.

I use the account name the company provides in the instruction they give on how to make transfers. Investment platforms are invariably explicit on this but for some reason credit card companies aren’t :man_shrugging:

However, I tend to pay credit card bills by direct debit or debit card rather than bank transfer.

I couldn’t go back to that! I really like having everything me-related grouped under my “me” payee.

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I do too! But I think easily seeing which of my accounts I’m moving money to/from on the feed trumps that!

Is there a way to link an incoming payment sender to a payee? Think you can do it with Starling but not Monzo, the incoming name is different and be being as anal as I am, I think it would be nice to have them the same if they’re the same payee obviously?


Are there any more meaty things being worked on @robinb?

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You know what, I actually completely forgot I already replied here about my idea but:


When viewing a previous payment made to an external account, something that has been bugging me for ages is the account type not sticking.

If you follow the full process of going to a payee and clicking on their bank account, the account type (personal/business) is remembered.

If you tap through a previous payment to the same person/company and hit “Send money to [payee name]” the account type will need selecting from the options, rather than being pre-populated. This stuffs up my mental workflow every time!

In my case this very frequently used account I pay is my credit card, and I use this workflow all the time as I make multiple, 1:1 sized payments to the credit card so I can account for them properly in Monzo categories.

Another big win here would be to be able to set notes on payments to credit cards where the card number needs to occupy the reference field, but I still wish to describe what it was I bought on the card in the Monzo app where I’m making the payment to the credit card from.

Now, if you could just integrate with Virgin Atlantic credit cards, letting me describe and categorise my purchases without having to personally jiggle this little charade that would be all the better! Given all the money management features Monzo has, there is room for the company to provide an app experience front end for companies like Virgin Atlantic (who have a shocking app experience anyway) and provide the benefits to credit card customers as a value add feature. Essentially managing all your credit card accounts within the Monzo app, and benefitting from all the lovely Monzo magic. This is a topic for a different thread though!