Core App: Better payments

That’s great to hear @MScottBIW ! Thanks to everyone who raised this issue early on, we were able to plan for it when laying the ground-work for the payee improvements which made it easier to implement :raised_hands:


@MalaiseForever Have you tried the favourite payees option in labs? Keen to hear if that solves this issue for you. I think the problem is that if a payee appears in the frequent section, they won’t also show in recent, so your most “recent” payees are obscured.

@jonathan.gorbutt This is being looked at at the moment, but by another team :+1:


Bit of feedback:

I think the “Combine” payees flow could have better UX.

The current flow is: ‘payee ==> edit ==> Combine ==> message box containing loads of text pops up to explain what will happen ==> OK’.

I think the message box containing all the text is not a particularly pleasant UX. It would be much nice if the message box had the details (profile picture, name ect…) of payee 1, which is being deleted, on the left then an arrow pointing to the details of the payee 2, which the accounts in payee 1 are being transferred to (see below) and then the text below.

It would also be great to be able to swap payee 1 with payee 2 so that payee 2 is deleted, then have the explanation text change too if the button is pressed.

'payee 1 details ==> ‘payee 2 details’
< swap button >
‘text explaining which will be deleted here’


Two teams working on the core app ! :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:


This is exciting! :partying_face:

I’m so pleased to know the the following are coming :soon: or at least being looked at:

Dark Mode :black_medium_small_square:
Payee photos :camera_flash:
Card Payments from Pots :credit_card: :honey_pot:

Thanks :monzo: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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I’ve tried that yes and the recent payees still don’t make sense to me, are they meant to be most recent ones outside of my favourites? Because they’re payees I haven’t used for a long long time.


Yeah there is no cut off time for recents, so they are just the “most recent” you’ve paid (except for people in your favourites.

It’s not ideal; we had some bigger plans for recents that we ran out of time for. In the mean time we could introduce a cut off, potentially.


Just for feedback, this is exactly how I would expect it to work.

I don’t think a cutoff is necessarily helpful, as there’s no point really in having a shorter list for the sake of it and the most recent appear at the top, don’t they?


I think it should work like you describe, but I’m not convinced mine does. Will investigate later… :male_detective:


So say you had everyone you had ever paid in favourites, would recent show anything or just pick a random selection?

It might be good to have a cut off even if something like 12 months

It’s not a big deal and now I understand it I don’t really mind. It’s just a bit strange at first when someone comes up in recents when you know you haven’t paid them for 2 years

I’m not massively fussed about the UI, but the order it currently works is not intuitive to me.

If I start with Payee 1, choose combine payees and then select Payee 2 my expectation is I would be offered to add Payee 1 to Payee 2 (i.e. remove Payee 1). But it actually works the other way round. I guess the current way is intuitive to others :man_shrugging:

The swap option might be a good satisfy all approach :point_down:


Oooh the big grey search has gone and now it’s a magnifying glass :mag_right: on top right like the Home Screen. Much cleaner Payments page as a result :clap:

Edit: I’m on iOS


To add a 3rd option in the mix, I’d prefer to be able to manually order them!

At the moment they seem to be ordered reverse chronologically by date/time added. I think any one of the 3 above-mentioned options would be better.


The payments tab change that went live this morning on TestFlight on iOS is beautiful, that screen looks great now!

Thanks team!

Is there any plans to change the payments flow? feels outdated now


I’d also like to have favourites and recents removed from the all payees page. It seems silly to have it on the main page and then the all payees page.

Surely I wouldve gone to All Payees because who i wanted wasn’t in favourites or recent? To then have to scroll past them to again to get to All is a little annoying UX wise


Agree with this.

I think it makes sense to have favourites and recents in the main section, Pay someone section and Request sections, but not in the Payees Hub.


Yeah I really detest that the amount/description page and the details page arent combined.

Such a waste of space and clicks


Having played about with this a bit. It would be good if Favourites can be reordered plus can a payee individual account also be a favourite?

I think those in Favourite or Recent should be quick links to the payment screen of the account last paid. Currently 2 presses to reach the payment screen from a favourite.

The payee hub shouldn’t have Favourites or Recents in imo and instead should just hold all the A-Z info about your payees and all the accounts they hold.


yeah this would be really useful and save a few clicks if i could see a few of my accounts as favourites.

However would be a UI nightmare because all id see is Nathan Thomson 4 times and the NT logo, with no way to tell them apart.

Alot smarter people than me at monzo, hopefully they could think of a nice way around that. Be that a bank logo top right like pots?