Contacts with Monzo accounts not updating


Hi everyone! Signed up to Monzo about two weeks ago and have managed to convince two other people to sign up, so do I get some sort of prize? Haha anyway…

After receiving my card I noticed that one of my contacts already had a Monzo account and I could transfer them money by clicking on them payments section however the two new people that have signed up and received their cards etc I can’t see!

When does the contacts list refresh? Or is their anyway to force a refresh? I tried disabling contact access for Monzo, launching the app, closing the app and then enabling contact access but this hasn’t worked. Any suggestions?

I’m using iOS 11.3.1 if that helps.


(Dan) #2


They need to turn it on in settings :slight_smile:
Click on Account, then settings and scroll down :slight_smile: “Payments with Friends”


Aaah that explains it… I’ll mention it to them!
Thank you and thanks for your quick response.

(Dan) #4

You are welcome :slight_smile:

(James) #5

Sorry, couldn’t find a more appropriate thread but I’m sure I’ve seen somewhere that Monzo contacts are meant to scroll horizontally opposed to vertically. How do I turn this on?