Never noticed this before in Profile - a list of limits. This is incredibly useful. Is this just added or have I missed it until now?


I don’t have that, do you have the TestFlight app?

Yes. I actually found it as I was looking for the app version. 1.6.3 (#264)

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It’s new in that build seemingly pushed in the last few hours! Not in #261.

For a very small visual issue, try scrolling down past the iOS rubber banding and watching the headers.

Otherwise, a welcome addition in response to previous feedback that the limits were out of date on the terms page and otherwise confusing or not counted anywhere visibly. :thumbsup:

love it - useful information once you find it :wink: - however could have been highlighted in the updated test flight notes rather than

“We hope this fixes the logout bugs many of you have experienced over the last couple of weeks.”


Yeah a small bug there, I would imagine the limits section was almost rushed for this TestFlight :airplane:I release.

Thanks for the heads up on the bug! We’ll get it fixed :slight_smile: Likewise, apologies for the lack of release notes — we were a bit hasty this morning :stuck_out_tongue:

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Any update for the android app? Been a few weeks since any new functionality


Are these limits the same for everyone or do they adjust over time (based on usage etc)?

@EC_Dave They are the same for everyone.

Remember this is a Beta process for a future current account. A system of prepaid debit card limits adjusting over time in an algorithmic manner will have no future relevance so I doubt Monzo would spend the time developing such a thing.