Contactless not working at some co-op shops

Right I just moved from Cornwall and used the co-op shops every day using the Contactless payment now in my new area its not working at any of the co-op shops just so you now it’s in Portsmouth that I’m not getting any response from the contactless payment I need to use chip and PIN is there a fix for this or do I just live with it thanks

Not all Coop stores are created equal. Most are owned by the Cooperative Group based in Manchester but some are not such as the Southern Cooperative (which runs in Portsmouth funnily enough) who may have the branding of the Cooperative Group as most Coops have a united UK brand. That means the backend can be different even if the stores look alike. Southern Cooperative only just upped to the £45 contactless limit a few days ago according to Twitter.

The terminals could also be outdated in these stores. As a smaller Cooperative, they may not replace terminals as often as the larger group. There could also be an issue with the card/terminal processor which is blocking contactless with Monzo. I know that there are issues with Monzo contactless on First Manchester buses. The thread somewhere here worked out it was a processor issue.

There is a chance it is your card that is faulty. There has been reports of contactless failing and when the card is replaced, that it works. The best way to test that is order a new card and see.

Also email to report your findings.

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Hi just an update, this happens with every coop store within Portsmouth and its definitely due to their terminals being out of date. On writing to the coop the reply I received is that they don’t plan on updating them anytime soon as long as chip and pin works fine! Even during these times where contactless is safer. It’s definitely not an issue with your Monzo Card.