Contactless Payments

(Kwame) #1

Can we expect contactless payment cards at any point? Travel in the UK is fully contactless-card based now so this would be a great way to track our travel expenditures.

(Caleb Wong) #2

The Mondo (ALPHA) card is contactless for sure :slight_smile: You get your card yet?

(Colin Robinson) #3

As is the Mondo (BETA) card :wink:

Got it, and using it!

(Kwame) #4

Whoa! Didn’t know that! I have my card, but I guess I just assumed it wasn’t because it doesn’t have the contactless logo on it! :grinning:

(Colin Robinson) #5

That’s strange - mine has it to the right of the chip.

(Caleb Wong) #6

Look carefully…:stuck_out_tongue: it’s next to the chip :mondo::credit_card:

(Colin Robinson) #7

(Kwame) #8

Ahh. Dunno how I missed that. Excitement maybe?! :relaxed:

(Colin Robinson) #9

Blinded by the hot coral neon card :wink:

(Caleb Wong) #10

Pbb too excited? :stuck_out_tongue:
First day?

(Kwame) #11

Haha, yeah, just getting the hang of the card!