1 extra payment has been debited in error

Mate of mine bought a drink at the local Community, paid using contactless and the guy serving was like “oh it’s not gone through could you do it again please” so my mate did contactless again and a receipt printed (receipt was printed first time). Can the bank ( a high street ) get the money back for him ?

Easy if he was on Monzo, but for the high street bank he’s got to figure out how to speak to someone to reverse the charge. If it did fail it’ll reverse in 7 days automatically probably but if they have claimed the money twice it’s a hassle.

Get him to sign up to Monzo :sunglasses:


He’s already got a Monzo card, it’s just not his main card.

He’s entitled to the money back but it costs the place a decent amount on top of the money if a customer does a chargeback , so I’d recommend he goes back to the place and show in the banking app a double charge for the same amount and ask if they would just give him a refund, but otherwise he can definitely call up his bank and they should do a chargeback for him.


Does he still have both receipts?

Do they both show as completed transactions?

If he checks his bank account, does it show both transactions going out?

I ask because, from the information you’ve given, it’s not conclusive. The first receipt printed could’ve been a void transaction for all we know. Could’ve been a case of the card machine losing connection and taking too long to reestablish it (happens to card machines where I work sometimes).

If you’ve checked all that, then @kolok’s advice is sound. See if he can get a refund, if not, initiate a chargeback.


I’ll have to ask him, he did say he checked his bank account and the 2 amounts were showing as being debited.

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Maybe what happened to my friend was a result of this

Happened to my friend on either Monday or Tuesday so not the wednesday as in the article.