Contactless payment declined in superdrug

(Ross) #1

Just used my card in superdrug. Contactless payment was declined however it worked fine using chip and pin.

Just wanted to let you guys know :+1:t2:

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(Jon Fautley) #2

I had the same in McDonalds this morning - tried Contactless twice, both β€œdeclined by bank”, although one of them showed up on my feed, followed by an immediate refund. C&P worked successfully.

(Stuart Cameron) #3

@filbert Weird, mine worked okay at McDonalds yesterday (contactless).

(Tom ) #4

Yep had the same thing in Superdrug today - but having read this thread, turns out it’s a known bug:

Contactless didn't work at Tesco supermarket UK
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(Claire T) #5

I still get this error - contactless initially goes through in Superdrug and then fails. Chip and pin works.