Contactless Limit

I hope I’m never behind you in a queue!


They’re just talking about the general limit increase. The following is mentioned several times:

But as we know, there are still plenty who still haven’t done this over a year later.

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I was expecting such a commitment🤭

It doesn’t take much longer tbh, but something annoying to make 3 payment instead of usual 1 :smirk::woozy_face:

If it’s annoying for you (and those behind you) just use your Monzo card then?

Monzo allow you to split 1 transaction across multiple categories.

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Yes, I am aware :grin::ok_hand:
But Monzo is my bill paying account.

Hopefully Starling will deliver split categories tool soon :star_struck:

Ah ok, as long as you know. So you’ve chosen to make it annoying for yourself then :laughing: :wink:

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Lol :see_no_evil: sort of :speak_no_evil:

I was using Starling far before I cracked on with Monzo, so ain’t going change it now :sweat_smile:

Also, not always doing 3 payments in one go, sometimes 2, usually 1 :grin:

I thought it is only 45. When it stores the signs always say up to £45 on contactless

No. It’s the payment processor within the store that sets the limit. Some are still £30, some are £45 and there may be others too? :man_shrugging:

Monzos contactless limit of £100 is if you do £25, then £25, then £25, then £25 your next one will decline because the total across all your contactless transactions will exceed £100. It will then require you to use chip and PIN before your limit is reset back to £0 again.

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It’s actually £45 per transaction and a cumulative £100 before having to enter your PIN.


Still subject to general FCA rules regarding payments so I should imagine its just another example of app development

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I suppose they can take more risk. If other banks did this their licence would potentially be on the line?

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Maybe. A lot will be telling if they do get a license. That being said you do still have to authorise it & there are a variety of banks which have missed deadlines on things like two factor authentication or confirmation of payee (Revolut adopted this voluntarily despite not having a license) who haven’t had their licenses threatened in such a manner. Despite some grounds for criticism in the past, I don’t think they’re as naive regulatory wise as people make out.

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So does anyone else know the limits for other banks, or do they not advertise them?

I rarely get it with NatWest; in fact I can only think of 2 occasions off the top of me head.


I think the question for other banks is whether they’ve bothered to implement any limits at all, regardless of what the rules say.

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I stand corrected! :smiley:

I have amended my earlier post.

That is crazy :joy: I just… wha…


Now you mention it, my Dad is with NatWest and I’m always baffled at how rarely he is prompted to use chip and PIN. My Starling card, on the other hand, predictably requires chip and pin every so often. Strange :thinking: