Contactless Limit & 90 Day Limit

The card contactless limit had increased from £100 to £225. How many people knew that there was also a 90 day period in that although you could be within the £225 limit if you haven’t used Chip & PIN for 90 days then your contactless transaction will be declined? Apparently there was a notification but I never saw it. I’m just curious as to how many people are aware of this?


Thanks for the blog article but there is no mention of the 90 day rule. In any event this was when the limit was £100 it has since raised to £225. Why wasn’t the 90 day rule advised when it was increased to £225? Monzo have sent me an app notification about this but I never received it & it was when the limit was £100 & not mentioned when the limit increased to £225. BTW I never received any message that my next transaction had to be C&P but this appears to be a bug specific to me under investigation.

How many saw this notification when it was £100?

From what I remember, 90 days is the default/maximum time period for all SCA related things and there is some leeway with payment amounts.

I got the notification and an email. And the in-app pre warnings about using chip and PIN for the next transaction.

And I read the screen when the terminal declines my contactless attempt and use Chip and PIN.

It’s the 90 day issue that I’m enquiring about. I found even the CoPs I chatted to hadn’t even mentioned this element of the use of contactless before having to use C&P. I was aware of the £225 formerly £100 but cannot recall ever receiving anything about if C&P hasn’t been carried out for 90 days then you will get a decline. Of course I learnt this today for the first time.

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