Using Location To Help Prevent Fraud

Hi! New idea: I think it would be really cool if Monzo could use location services to assist in preventing fraudulent transactions. The idea is that, if your phone and your Monzo card are not in the same location, the transaction would need to be verified or otherwise blocked. It would also be cool if there was a sub-setting which grants the next purchase to be made without your phone being in range of your card. For example, if your friend needs to borrow your card to make a purchase at the shop down the road and you’re not going with them, you should be able to either toggle location checks on or off, or allow a one-off payment to be made without checking location. Making it togglable would also be useful (in case you’re prone to forgetting/losing your phone). This would be a super cool feat and would definitely use it!

Have you seen this, in Setting?



As @Hatticus this is already something that Monzo do. Location forms part of monzos fraud detection platforms.


Is this iOS only? I thought android did it, but looking through the app I can’t seem to find the option.

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It was pretty hidden, tbh. On iOS it’s in Account > Settings and Profile > Settings

Oh cool, totally didn’t realise this - thanks!

I believe it is iOS only :expressionless:

Looking at my settings menu, I think you’re right.

But it’s ok, because we have “parity”.

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