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Unfortunately on Android it only shows the first letter of the contacts first name, not their initials. This makes it really difficult to figure out who people are if you have two Monzo contacts with the same first name since last names aren’t shown unless you click the contact.


Just had my friend join up to Monzo upload a picture and send me money. But the picture on my app on Android shows only her initials. Am I doing something wrong.


Did Monzo update and it’s working now.

(Mischale George) #25

I have a similar trouble, none of my contact images are syncing from contacts list. I have a load of icons with just the first initial as the icon. I would rather it be a photo, is there any way to add an image to contacts who don’t have monzo?

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You can’t add custom images to any contact regardless of whether they have Monzo or not :slightly_frowning_face:


Not sure if it’s changed, but this was the last info we had on it (I haven’t checked how it works for a while).

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I’ve just checked and on Android you can’t add custom images for your contacts. Not by default anyway, to my knowledge :slightly_frowning_face: