Considering my grounds for a chargeback: International (POS) Transaction

So while on holiday I purchased a pair of sunglasses as a gift.

It was at a fairly big department store in Europe.

I was quite specific in the pair I wanted when I picked it out and gave it to the sales assistant.

She went off to go get a box and to clean it up etc and whatever happened in the intervening period happened… but she ended up boxing up the wrong pair of glasses… I didn’t realise this of course until I got back to the UK and gave it to the person who it was intended for.

Obvs these aren’t fit for the purpose as they’re the wrong style and the recipient doesn’t want them - nor I as I already have a pair of the same.

I’ve made contact with the retailer through a number of channels (including email) to express my displeasure at the situation as well as discuss returning the sunglasses.

Much to my dissatisfaction, despite the calibre of the gaffe I bought the sunglasses from I’ve heard no reply at all.

I’m going to give it one more attempt via email to resolve before considering a chargeback request.

From previous experience with Monzo (unrelated things), I’ve found their Customer Service to be quite unhelpful/ useless if I am brutally honest and I’ve heard chargeback can be quite hit and miss.

I was wondering if on the face of it, Monzo would be likely to lodge a chargeback request and whether I’d likely be successful/ they would credit the money back to me on submitting a request or I’d have to wait… I’m conscious that as it deals with a retailer outside the country it’d take a bit longer.

For context: The transaction took place in person at a point-of-sale with my Premium card.

I’d be very surprised if a chargeback would be successful in these circumstances, but I wish you well, and I’d be keen to hear what happens.


Based on this I don’t think you have the grounds for one. I guess you could argue that you didn’t receive the item you wanted but you did technically receive what you paid for.

If you were refunded you’d have the money and the item. If they continue to ignore you, then your best bet is to eBay it and buy what you wanted originally.

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No one can tell you for sure, the only way to find out is raise one and see what happens. All you’ll get here is different opinions and links to various bits and pieces of advice.

Do come back though when you’ve got the definitive answer just to give us an update, good luck.

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