Connected account easy bank transfer bug - taking me into browser

Issue: Trying to use easy bank transfer taking me to my other app for a second then kicking me to browser (where I would have to log in and generate a security code etc)

Details to reproduce: Appears to be because I have Opera Touch set as my default over safari. Switching back to safari makes the feature work fine.

OS: iOS 14.2
Device: iPhone XS
App Version: TF 3.61.0 but ongoing (probably since I changed default browser weeks ago but unsure of first time I noticed)

Screenshots: not relevant

No idea but is Monzo just getting deep links to browser and Mail wrong?

I have a different Mail app (Spark) set and last time I had to log in, the ‘open email’ button didn’t route me straight into Spark either. That is how they’re meant to work right?

The implication would appear to be that in the iOS app, Monzo had the links hard-coded in, and they haven’t changed the programming to reflect the fact that iOS now lets you choose other default apps instead.

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