"Connect your credit card" option not for everyone?

A family member is on the latest TestFlight version, same as me but does not have the “connect your credit card” option.

Both same version but I’m iPhone XS Max and he is iPhone 7+. What is the criteria and reasoning for not allowing him to connect his credit card?

Also, I’m with Capital One and it is not listed on there. Who is responsible for adding new lenders to that? Is it something Capital One need to do?

Maybe it needs turning on in labs?

It’s not an option there :frowning:

On Android you can search in help articles add credit card, and at the end of the article there’s a direct button to add cards, check if there’s the same on iOS.

From the help pages
We hope to support as many credit card providers as we can.

Currently we’re using a service called TrueLayer to connect to credit card providers, and can only support the banks they work with.

By September 2019 credit card providers will need to offer a way for apps like Monzo to connect to them. As each provider makes it possible to connect, we’ll work to add them to the app!

Strange I can’t seem to find the option either anywhere besides in the help topics, I’m on the new navigation latest Android beta.

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Yeah, this is on the iOS help article on my phone, will check his tomorrow.


I tried it on his with the normal and the new navigation, wasn’t there at all. It’s strange that I can see it on mine though.

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Does it show as an option at the bottom of the Accounts list display? (from the home screen, drag any card down to access the accounts list)

Here is the current list of supported credit cards;

Nope, i know where it is because it works on mine. Not on his iPhone 7 though so wondering if it is an account reason or a app reason or just a bug

I believe the following 3 things will need to happen:

  1. Capital One will be need to release an open banking API (this may or may not have already happened)

  2. Truelayer will need to support Capital One (this has not yet happened). Truelayer is a company Monzo is using to facilitate connections to credit cards.

  3. Monzo will need to decide to support Capital One via Truelayer.

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No, it’s not been released to everyone.

When it gets reworked in the next couple of months to handle the API feeds that will hopefully then start to be released by the banks etc, a partial release as we have now will be easier to migrate than one for 2.5m people.

Once the new version is developed, that will be pushed out to all and sundry.

Heaven only knows what list of banks/cards that will support though!

(Support will depend on the card issuer releasing an API and the aggregator integrating it into their software before Monzo/we get visibility of it.)

That’s a bit strange… 5 providers only

As discussed previously the list is shorter at the moment

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Your link to my 22-day-old post hasn’t taken into account my more recent post of 3 days ago (different thread though);

There’s also a subsequent explanation there;

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