Add (more) Credit Cards?

Just noticed that I can now add more credit cards to the app. It’s pretty much just the high street banks that are showing as options.

Has this been added for anyone else?

I haven’t seen it posted anywhere else or on social that this was an option.

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I did read a post on here about it somewhere… something along the lines of ‘if your provider isn’t visible, it’s because they’re not yet compliant with PSD2’ (the deadline to be compliant is September I believe?)

That’s why the banks that do appear are the same banks that appear in other banking apps, as they are currently the only compliant banks… I think?

This topic covers it:

Probably best to read the last 100 posts or so, really!

Essentially it’s been expanded to permit 10 possible cards, it’s moved out of Monzo Labs, and will now be iterated on and tweaked. There are plans to show transactions, and then allow payment within the app etc. Those not covered now should (as mentioned) be available from September, hopefully.

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