More banks to support in other accounts

It would be great if more banks are supported in the section “other accounts” in Monzo Plus.

Many of us have our main spending using credit cards which aren’t in the list of banks to connect to Monzo.

Therefore, we cannot have a true picture of the expenses because their transactions cannot appear, and categorised, in Monzo.

For example, Pulse (Newdays), Sainsbury’s Bank, Virgin Money, etc, are not supported.

These are available as a beta in labs.

If you have a search, Virgin is a popular request to be added.

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Thanks. Is there a Beta Monzo app to download and use (iOS)?

On the list view (where your pots are vertical) there’s a cog in the top right corner

Tap that and then halfway down is “Monzo Labs”

There’s half a dozen or so “beta” things in there to test out. Some have been in there a long time, so are newer.


By my estimation it’s just Virgin that’s the big outlier at the moment (taking into account what’s in Labs).

I wonder if Chase is big enough to get added when they release their API (:soon:, allegedly). And whether newbies like Kroo would make the cut (they’ve got a whole bit on their website about their open banking APIs).

Personally, I’ve got to the point that I’ll choose credit cards etc partially on the basis of how well they work in Monzo…

That all said, shall we continue this over here?

(I’m sure they’ll be a 2023 version of the poll later in the year…)


Yes I got a HSBC Visa card last year because it’s supported in Monzo whereas Smile isn’t. Amex and my Mastercard were already supported.

Unfortunately the credit limit with HSBC is as good as useless so it doesn’t even make the wallet most of the time. Occasional Google Pay transaction to keep it alive. But basically I won’t use a card now unless I have visibility in Monzo.


Many thanks - I’ve found it! And luckily I did find my main credit card in the list.