Confusing payments to Lloyds Banking Group credit cards in Monzo

So since opening my Monzo acc, I have made multiple payments via Monzo (bank transfer) to my Lloyd’s AMEX card - all good.

However, today I added my Halifax MasterCard in the Monzo payments section so I could make payments towards that too.

I then noticed that my Lloyd’s Amex card disappeared from the payments tab of the app. Start of the confusion.

Then I noticed that if I clicked on the payment I had just made to my Halifax Mastercard in the transaction list, it now states I have made multiple payments to it, even though it was my first payment, as it is lumping payments to my Halifax MasterCard and Lloyd’s Amex card together as if they are the same thing :sob:

I have never had this issue with another bank and seems to be cos Monzo doesn’t take note of the fact the Halifax MasterCard payments and Lloyd’s Amex payments have different references i.e the 16 digit credit card number, and don’t take the reference into account when presenting the data in app?

Anyone else had a similar issue?
I’ve chatted to in-app support about this today, and they are looking into it, but I don’t know if they will be able to fix.

It’s gonna be a pain to set up the payment every time i pay either of the 2 credit cards due to the fact each amendment writes over the previous one in the payments tab.

Just in case anyone asks - I do have a direct debit set up to pay both credit cards, but I make extra payments to both cards at the end of each month depending on how much cash I have left over.

It def seems to be down to the way Monzo deal with the payment references in a different way from other banks.

if they have the same account number and sort code for payment then I can see why it has multiple payment for it as both cards are under the same umbrella

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Yeah I realise the fact the sort code acc number are the same - it’s the same for all credit cards in Lloyd’s Banking Group when you pay them - the sort code/acc aren’t what links to the specific account.

It is the reference you add - your 16 digit card number - that links the payment to your acc.

But this is why it is an issue the way Monzo deals with the reference numbers in the payees in the payment tab.

The way Monzo currently have it working, unless I update the payee details in the payment tab with either “Halifax Mastercard” or “Lloyd’s American Express”, and re-enter the sort code, acc number etc, every single time I make a payment to either card, then all my credit card payments in my transactions would just list for example “Halifax Mastercard” making it look like all my payments are going there, which obviously wouldn’t be the case.

I can see you pain. But there must be a account name universal for both as it shouldn’t be different for both accounts. Shame can’t use Lloyd’s banking group as account name so can use the same sort code and account number and just change the reference depending on the card your using.

As far as I’m aware, the name isn’t checked. I call mine Credit Card and it worked correctly. As @gallifreyangirl said, you should be able to just enter the other reference each time

I can see where you are coming from where it is hard to track how much you’ve paid to each though. Maybe you can tag the transactions?

If they don’t check the name maybe I will just do that then.

Nope you can’t tag bank transfers (at least in the iOS app anyway)