Two credit cards, one payee, huge error!

I have two credit cards with the cooperative bank.

I set up standing orders for both cards with the credit card numbers as the references.

What happens though is that the first payment goes out, and any payment to either card after pays towards one card only. The payment reference is “remembered” and thus my standing order is re-written.

This appears in my app as though i have paid both cards - no problem.

Then i get both a non payment notice and charge and mark against my credit score.

I report this to Monzo, seeing as this seems to be a technical / programming issue. Attached is the response I got from Monzo. :rage:

I don’t know what you’re expecting from Monzo? You should always double (and triple) check payment details that you’re using.

It’s a shame you’ve got the issues, but how did you not notice they had the same reference on the main page of the app when you saw them?

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I actually stand with the OP on this. If you set up two standings order with correct references. Then Monzo overwrites one, that isn’t entirely on the OP

They should remove the marker though if you explain you sent the money with the wrong reference (co op)


It’s a feature of the app to know your last reference when you go to make another payment.

I really don’t see how it’s Monzo’s fault when people were complaining about it not remembering what they used last time.

As a user you should make sure you put the right details in when making a payment. :man_shrugging:t3:

But they did correct details in!


I don’t think you’re understanding the issue (or possibly I’m not understanding it). But this is what I gather is happening.

Standing order 1 is set up, to pay Coop with Reference 1.
Standing order 2 is set up, to pay Coop with Reference 2.

Monzo pays out standing order 1 with reference 1.
Monzo pays out standing order 2 with reference 1, because it has ‘remembered’ the reference instead of applying the one in the standing order.

This is absolutely Monzo’s fault, as from the point of view of the user, they did indeed put the right details in when setting up the payment.


Thank you! Thought I was going crazy trying to say the user did what most would be done


I’d highly doubt that’s the issue, I’ve used standing orders to the same payee on the same day with different references before.

I’m not buying it personally.


Thanks for replying and adding the information that you’ve done this sort of thing yourself with no problem. That’s helpful to know.

I will say that when faced with such posts, I try to apply the principle of “Assume good faith”. With the addition of your actual experience, and a re-read of OPs post, I’m now inclined to agree with you that something’s not adding up here.

The part I noticed in the re-read: OP states “two cards with the cooperative bank” but the chat screenshot refers to Virgin Money. They’re not the same thing, are they?

That said, and again to be fair to the OP, payments handling isn’t the most graceful aspects of Monzo, so even if this is happening because OP is making an error somewhere, it could still be that Monzo design has contributed to the course of the error somehow (I once had trouble adding a reference to a Freetrade transfer, because I’d managed to go down a different payment flow than the one I normally used).


Yea. That’s fair - I guess I had my experience in mind vs you not having my experience.

Now, unless that’s broken recently, which is possible, but I’ve not had that problem.

And yea; the confusions within the post made me wary as well.

No harm. :+1:t3:

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I would expect the app to remember the reference when I go and make another manual payment.

But if I specifically instruct the app to make two payments to the same payee with two separate payment references, I would expect the app to handle them as two separate payment instructions. And not just decide to overwrite one without even asking.

It’s totally an issue with Monzo and I think if you make a complaint OP you might get a small goodwill payment but you need to speak to your CC provider and explain the situation. Hopefully they’ll remove the missed payment mark and any charges.

Ninja edit: reading further the thread I must agree with you too that something isn’t adding up 100%. I interpret OPs message as two separate payment instructions with different references but the Co-Op/VM thing is confusing indeed

In future, consider a direct debit if you can :slight_smile: That way you won’t have to worry about issues like this.


People don’t usually pay a credit card with a standing order. You’re encouraged to set up a direct debit with a fixed amount.

I wonder if the OP really meant ‘standing order’? EDIT: OP confirms they are standing orders.

Now, I don’t hold 2 accounts/cards with the same bank as that’s just weird, but when I set up a direct debit to HSBC, they sent them (monzo) the reference along with the direct debit instructions - there’s no standing order needed

From reading some of the comments on here, I can only assume he’s making manual payments each month to the bank to pay off the cards, which is fine for one offs, but not really how it’s supposed to work at all

This is exactly what is happening.

I do mean standing order. A direct debit would only pay off the minimum a month, when i wanted to pay off large chunks.

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So I wanted to pay off more than the minimum, which is what direct debits are for. I set up a pot for my bills, with the credit cards both included. That way the amount was set each month and was significantly more than the minimum. Regardless of standard practice for credit cards the case still remains - you cannot use two references to pay one bank account. Something that any bog standard bank allows you to do.

Not sure why two credit cards with one bank is weird.

The virgin money thing - I have no idea what monzo are referring to and when I asked they did not answer!

Hello michael,

What shows for me are two separate referenced payments. It is only when I go into the payments details, once made, that it shows a different reference.

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