Tax residency question Dec 2020

Just received email about confirming tax residency and when I click on it I have to input my pin.
Now when I go to the app it too idcadkibg for the pin.
Is this correct orca scam.
I don’t usually get asked for my pin!

I got this too and it asks me to enter my NI number.
I don’t want to do this by clicking on an email due to security concerns (I was scammed last week by someone posing as PayPal via email).

Why can’t this be done from within the app, so users don’t have to worry about whether or not it’s a scam?

Oh and also, what is the legal basis for collecting this data?
My other bank hasn’t asked me for this information.

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Have you not entered the app and had a notification on your feed? If you click that you can avoid the email. That’s how they asked me months ago but it could have changed.

The legal basis is that Monzo is a UK bank, registered under English and Welsh law, and has to report account users who also needs to pay tax in the UK to HMRC by an Act of Parliament. All UK banks ask this. You might have answered it with your other banks at sign up or they will eventually chase you for it.

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I certainly wouldn’t trust those orcas, they always look so shifty!

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There is a way to do this in the app:

This avoids clicking a link from an email, which as people say in the modern age is always a great concern especially when it is banking related as emails can be so easily spoofed!

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Putting this in your feed and an email explaining it would have been a much better way of doing it.

Because not everyone (those with dormant accounts for example) checks the app, presumably.