Why does monzo keep asking for tax residency?

Had a few different bank accounts in my life and never get asked this question.

Why is monzo asking?

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There’s at least 6 other threads about this if you have a search.


Your other banks may have confirmed this information when you opened the account.

It’s not just Monzo asking later. N26 asked me about mine when they were operating in the UK. I believe Starling also ask about it too.


You could also just type tax info the help section of the app and it tells you all you need to know


I could but I prefer human interaction.


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Thank you!

You’re using the wrong bank then :laughing:


Halifax doesn’t have a forum where I can post a question at 9pm and get an answer within minutes. From a human.

You’re a miserable bunch this evening.


It was a joke.

Monzo doesn’t have customer service at 9pm :joy:


Please remove your humour before accessing this forum. Thank you.


This evening ?



Sooner just have someone else look up the exact same information 🤦

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Yes, but… no other bank asks me to do this other than at the point of setting up an account and your email implies this will be annual. It also has the look of a scam in the way it’s presented. And a jaunty response complete with exclamation marks hardly gives you confidence. It’s all pretty unimpressive…

Yes they do. Just because they haven’t asked you yet doesn’t mean they don’t do it.

I’m not really sure what you wanted me to say?

Unfortunately what you said was wrong and I provided correct information.

See this post also

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They might of asked you. You may follow this kind of thing closely and be aware everyone is being asked and every bank is doing so. I don’t and haven’t heard anything about this from any other bank account I have (3) bar monzo. Hence the question.

Also I have dyslexia and dyspraxia. Although I can I hate reading long text And get lost in it.

Seeing as I was on the train home when I posted I didn’t have the read and write software to hand to read the government document posted above.

asking short direct questions to humans is a strategy I developed to cope with my disability.

Sorry if you perceive that as lazy.


A good reminder for us all, to play nice.


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