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I am Gozde, want to get your help regarding to an unexpected payment from my Monzo account.

I haven’t heard about Complete Savings before but they got 15 pounds from my account today morning claiming I got a membership there. I am struggling to cancel the membership and trying to figure out a solution.

Is there a way to block that company from my account that will prevent me from other unexpected payments?

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Your best bet is to contact in-app support. There’s nothing we can do on the forum that will help much.

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Complete Savings is a cashback site. The cashback is high, but it costs £15 per month.

If you are sure you have never signed up (a month or so ago, as they have a free 30 day trial), then contact Monzo in app, and they will hopefully be able to sort it out.

Did anyone else have your card details about a month ago?

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