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I have set up a complaint with Monzo because of duplicate payments from Tesco on my account. Monzo has refused to look at my complaint because they want photo ID. I don’t want to send my photo online and cannot understand why Monzo won’t investigate this problem. Any thoughts

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I would have thought you have to comply with the request to move the complaint further?
The photo is an identity check, referenced to the video you created & sent when you signed up for your :monzo: account.


Hi @mikeb1 :wave:

Sorry to hear that you’ve had problems trying to raise a complaint.

If our team have asked for you to send photo ID, this will be down to them making sure we’ve passed our requirements regarding account security. This is something we do to protect all parties.

Since your post, have you been able to get any further regarding this?


It’s the same procedure as when you submitted your ID to set up your monzo account


If you have concerns, ask them in app how they will manage your data. i.e. what they will do with the photograph once they receive it.

Hi no the problem has not been resolved. My complaint has been rejected because I have not provided photo ID. Bit strange as Monzo is communicating with me explaining it cannot uphold my complaint. I can just ask the Ombudsman to deal with as Monzo’s final response has been issued. I have, for 10 months had duplicate payments taken from my account by Tesco and Monzo is aware of this problem but will not solve it, hence my complaint. And I don’t feel I need to put my photo online just so my complaint can be dealt with. Shall I write a letter instead.

This is not a problem of Monzo’s causing, it’s Tesco. If you have a search on here you will see it mentioned a few times.

You photo won’t be online, it doesn’t appear on this forum, it goes to a Monzo staff member.

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I can relate to not wanting to send your photo over email. The video is different different: it’s via the app and then (presumably) stored in a secure location. The photo would be over email, in the clear, and would contain not just a photo of you but sensitive identity documents. I wouldn’t do it.

I was recently asked to send in such a photo. I asked if they could identify me through the app instead. A minute later I had a request in chat to confirm via my phone’s biometric authentication (fingerprint) and it was all done easily and simply.


It does seem remarkably strange asking for photo ID to make a complaint if you take the situation at face value, which is all we have, which suggests somehow there is more to it. If a company, any company, asked for ID before allowing me to complain to them I’d be straight down their ombudsman as that’s entirely unreasonable but I imagine here that the devil will be in the detail, detail we don’t have.


The point made by @Peter_G where he felt that he didn’t want to provide info over email and instead used the in app chat service might be a possible solution here @mikeb1 .

@ysconhb has also highlight the lack of specific detail doesn’t allow us to make a fully informed idea of what can be done in this set circumstance. If you have access to the app, speaking to our team through this would be beneficial.


Out of interest did you complain about this?

Asking for these things over email is really bad practice, and in a way feels really legacy. If it’s doable via the app, which it is from what you describe, that should be the first port of call!

Is it? My mom’s gone back to using Nationwide for her weekly shopping. No such issues now.

Assuming @Peter_G didn’t raise a complaint over this, is there any chance you’d be able to find out why Monzo are requesting this and not the in app way? From what I gather the app way isn’t being presented as an option either, so the user would have to know to request it, which is how we end up here!

If I ever end up in a similar position as @mikeb1 or @Peter_G, it’s the sort of experience that will leave me with a very bad taste that would be enough to persuade me to move things elsewhere!


I’m guessing the complaint/correspondence is via email, then you could be anyone and they need to verify you. Do it in the app and you won’t need to do this.



It was in the context of a complaint, but I didn’t complain about it (in the formal sense).

To elaborate, I’d made the request for some info in an email conversation. Monzo asked for a selfie with ID as they hadn’t verified me in the app. I suggested they message me in the app to confirm it’s me instead - they sent me a message with a quick “tap here to confirm your identity” prompt. It was super simple and literally seconds as it was via my phone’s biometrics. I have no complaints about how it was handled.

Agreed. I’m actually not as worried about it being legacy than insecure. We simply should not be providing sensitive information over emails, especially something that could be reused by bad actors. It’s like banks expecting you to provide personal information when they call you - it’s just training the population to normalise things that are actually dangerous.


I could only make assumptions but if we’re speaking to a customer over email then we’ll verify the customer over that medium and this is usually because the app itself is unavailable to the user.

The in app chat service will be the faster option between the two but if someone is unable to access the app for whatever reason (lost phone, etc) then we need to endeavour to help the customer over email and in turn make sure our obligations to account security are met.

Hope that kinda answers it @N26throwaway :blush:


In that scenario, it makes a lot more sense, though still not ideal! I think this would call for some kind of secure web portal.

It does thank you!


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If customer doesn’t want to put photo online that’s not being ignorant. Anyway I will leave it to the Ombudsman to decide. In the meantime Monzo sort out this Tesco problem please. Its only been 10 months.


It’s a Tesco issue. Not Monzo.

So your complaint won’t go anywhere.


You’re complaining to the wrong people. A quick search would have pointed you in the direction of Tesco and saved you all this aggravation and wasted time.

All Monzo are doing is acting on instruction to pay. It is Tesco that are requesting more money than they need.


I’m not wasting my time I’ll let the Ombudsman decide however long it takes