Compatability issues

(Samuel Ly) #1


I’m using a Chinese brand phone, XiaoMi Note 1, and I am unable to to download the Monzo app on it. It says that “Your devide isn’t compatible with this version” on Google play. What are the requirements for using the app?

(David Lynn) #2

Hello @SamLy,

There are lots of reasons why a phone may not be supported, but I believe Google Play will tell you. I don’t believe this information is shown on the mobile marketplace. However I believe on the web version of Google Play you will be given an explanation.

This should tell you the reason (maybe), and hopefully your phone may be supported given the app maturing.

(Josh Bray) #3

Would you like the APK? A d just install it manually?


I would to try it out on a beta device that not recognized by Google Play Store. I am testing it out for the manufacturer for a few weeks.

(Josh Bray) #5
This is the latest version for android. Use at own risk. I’m not responsible for any issues or damage to the device.


thank you very much…

(Samuel Ly) #7

Thanks for the replies.
After looking at the web version of Google Play it seems you need Android 5.0+. My phone is still currently on Kitkat (4.4), so that’s why it’s saying it’s not compatible. XiaoMi doesn’t officially support Note 1 to be on Lollipop, so I will try and flash it and then try and install Monzo again.

(Simon B) #8

Yep - we target 5.0 and above. Anything below is not compatible no matter the brand. It seems like there might be a 6.0 update available for the Mi Note 1 though? Take a look…

Xiaomi make some fantastic devices and the prices are great! Will be interesting to see their plans for US and UK launch. That new Mi Mix they announced looks insanely good!!

(Samuel Ly) #9

Good shout! I’ve installed 6.0 and was able to download the Monzo app.

Yeah I agree. The Mi Mix looks amazing. Just be sure to keep it in a protective case if you plan to get it!


I would like to know why the app has been designed to only work on Android 5? I have a phone running KitKat which if I upgrade to Android 5 looses some bluetooth functionality. Many other apps from Curve Revolut etc work on KitKat.


Designing an app to run on Android 4 would be like bringing out a program for Windows 3.1 :joy:

(Rika Raybould) #12

As you’re almost certainly aware, Android 5.x introduced Material Design but also changed a lot of things about how you generally build apps. Going below 5.x in a modern Android app involves effectively writing the UI of the app again and bundling a significant number of support libraries.

As Monzo’s Android app was created well after 5.x became available on practically every major device and shipped on all new phones, with the Android 4.x user base only shrinking, it makes development sense to declare 5.x the cutoff point for backwards compatibility when the Monzo app follows the Material Design language.

Even Android 5.x is now in a security patch maintenance mode for legacy devices, with Android 6.x and 7.x being the two currently supported releases! :scream:


I understand that from a development perspective it makes sense. However, I don’t agree that supporting only 5.x onwards does make sense. There are millions, if not billions of devices running older versions of Android. I can understand that most users of Monzo at present are likely to be people who will always upgrade to the latest version of a handset etc. However I am someone who is happy with my handset and I shall keep it until it gets too old to use for most things I do. If Monzo is going to be used by as many people as possible going forward then it needs to support as many versions as technically possible, not just as many as is easiest to support. As I said, my Android phone can support Android 5, but the Android 5 upgrade removes Bluetooth SAP functions for my car system, so I will remain on 4.x. Most other apps support it, so I currently have another phone on my desk just to support Android 5+ for testing things.

(Marcel W.) #14

Just a thought. Monzo is a banking app and I belive there are probably also some security reasons on deciding to make the cut of point with Android 5.


Going below 5.x in a modern Android app involves effectively writing the UI of the app again and bundling a significant number of support libraries.

Not correct. All the material design related libraries just work on 4.x. However, there may be other SDK features that they are using that would be extra work to backport to older versions, and the libraries they are using may depend on 5.0

Source: am professional Android developer

According to this link 32% of Android phones use pre 5.0:

(Rika Raybould) #16

Yup, you are right, I messed that one up. Forgot about the Design Support library. Sorry. :bow:


Interestingly 20% of Android phones run KitKat and a further 10% running Jelly Bean. That is one 3rd of the Android phone population being ignored by Monzo at the moment, buy not supporting Android 4.1.x to 4.4. It would be great if this could at some point be rectified.


That link is:
a) NOT just for phones but all devices including in store point of sale order terminals, parking meters, and polution monitoring devices, etc.
b) this is NOT UK only data but global data and includes third world and BRIC countries which have a higher proportion of obselete and unsupported software versions


It’s all devices that have opened up the play store in the prior 7 days to the snap shot, so will be unlikely to include any of those extra things.

Fair enough, but it’s still likely to be a significant amount (ie: nonnegligible)

Note how I didn’t give any opinion above, just the facts. I think it’s fair enough for Monzo to only target 5.0+, as it makes development and testing, especially testing, a lot easier.

(Anne) #20

I have a Samsung Galaxy S4 running Android version 4.3 and sadly this means I can’t download the Monzo Bank app. I can’t get it on my tablet either, and there doesn’t seem to be any way to run it from a laptop - so it seems to mean I can’t get the card and become a Monzo customer.

Besides buying a new phone is there any way around this?

I really want the card and am so disappointed that there doesn’t seem to be a way I can have it.