Unable to install on Samsung Galaxy s6

I am using Samsung galaxy s6 with android 7.0. The Monzo app is not appearing in the Play store.

What happens when you click this? It’s shared from the play store.

it doesn’t appear in the Play store app when I search for it. if i search play store with chrome I can see it but nothing happens when I click install.

What are your regional settings. Is it set on United Kingdom and English etc? I have found when phones set for another region such as America, Russia, India or a different language even they don’t pick up certain apps when searching in the store. I am not sure if Monzo is geolocked in the current version or not

I couldn’t find region settings but phone is on Vodafone UK network and was
bought from car phone warehouse in UK. language is set to English and my
billing address for app store is in UK

Do you get something like this when you click install on the chrome version?
Your phone may not be compatible…

Thanks but I don’t get anything other then the screen flickering slightly
when I hit install. It does look like a compatibility issue but this would
be vet surprising for such a widely used phone.

I just followed another another link to try download via chrome and it
comes up as showingnot compatible against the device. This is really
strange as lot of people use the Samsung galaxy s6 and it runs android 7.0

Hey. This is an odd one! I’m flagging this for staff to reach out.

In the mean time - do email help@monzo.com

Let us know how you get on?

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I have a Galaxy S6 on Android 7.0 and could install Monzo. Is your devices rooted? Anything else out of the ordinary?


My next question is what @nanos had just said.
Are you rooted or have a modified ROM in anyway?
If you go to Settings > About Phone and screenshot that for me I will check compatibility against known ROM installs.

No I haven’ rooted the phone or done any mods

All looks good, I think there is a newer version of Knox though…
Think we need one of the Android developers to pitch in here to see whats what.
Have you contacted them by email (help@monzo.com) or their twitter page?


I’ve emailed them thanks