Community Wiki?

(Oliver Ford) #1

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Absolutely. I keep seeing the same names popping up here, community regulars not :monzo: staff, answering the same questions with the same (presumably/hopefully correct) answers in different threads.

Perhaps until there’s sufficient stability for official :monzo: docs, there could be a community-editable wiki, with the same caveat emptor as on the API pages, as well as a secondary salt-pinch that warns it’s community-authored?

I don’t work for Monzo and have no reason to think this is something people that do would like to offer. I create this thread merely to see if there’s community interest in maintaining answers in a single place in this fashion.

FAQ desperately Needed
(Tristan Thomas) #2

I think something along these lines would be really cool and would love to know what others think? :+1: Paging @naji and @Zainab too :slight_smile:

(Naji Esiri) #3

Yep wholly agree. We can look at getting an early version of this FAQ wiki set up within the week and adapt accordingly depending on how it works for people :slightly_smiling_face:


Just a little bump in the road for this. Would be behind this 100%, and would help get it going.

I think there needs to be a static ‘Support’ page first, recommending a look at the FAQ/Wiki and then recommend the community forum.

Just my two cents.

(Thomas Horne) #5

A lot of the information is around in the forums, it’s just a matter of lifting it, formating it and putting it all into the one place.

I’m more than happy to jump in as well and lend a hand. :slight_smile:

(Gareth) #6

If people want somewhere to start temporarily writing stuff/formatting to wiki, I’ve rigged up a quick wiki at although it’s quite blank atm.

The welcome page is locked, but otherwise open to all (for now). Hopefully it’s obvious enough that it’s unofficial etc


Personally I have always hated Wiki type pages. Facts are slanted by people on one side of an arguement, competitors tweek corporate pages to make things less positive, errors and typos creep in. While a Wiki may be a good idea during the beta stage, when the bank proper launches their accounts as a customer I would prefer proper corporately approved documents, guides, FAQ etc, on the company homepage.


That is what I agree with. And the user built Wiki in these early stages will help Monzo decide what stays/goes when current accounts arrive.

(Thomas Welton) #9

I’m not a member of the giffgaff mobile phone network. But have developed a few projects for them.

The most interesting thing I learned is that giffgafff doesn’t have a call centre. All customer questions and issues are mostly answered by other members in their online forum instead.

And you can earn credit by helping answer other users questions


Fidor bank also credit customers for answering other customer’s questions in their forum…however I still think nothing beats proper customer service by well trained company employees