Community user profile & notification icon disappears on iPhone 8

On the community, the user profile icon (also used for notifications) seems to disappear once you scroll down, as seen in the screenshots below.

I believe this is a side effect of changing the Monzo logo - this one is a bit too big and pushes off the notification icon down (where it’s no longer visible so it effectively disappears).

When scrolled up, the icon is there:


Scrolling down makes it disappear:


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This started happening to me last week, assumed a new feature of discord mobile web rather than a bug.


Ditto, noticed it last week.

Also assumed it was a “feature” of Discourse, but I preferred it before if there was an option.

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It’s a feature :slight_smile:

Previously there was no way to see the title & category of the thread, now there is :wink: I prefer it this way, I’d much rather see what thread I’m on than a little orange circle :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Plus you can just scroll back up a tiny bit and Search, Menu & Profile will reappear :smiley: