Help with Forum symbols - they've disappeared

Hey guys, does anyone know how i get the symbols back on my mobile phone forum pages? The symbols underneath text - like bin etc - have all been replaced by squares. Do any of you clever people know how to fix this?
iOS 12.1
Latest update on the app store

image image

Do you have any ad blocking extensions installed? Some of these like to block the kinds of web fonts that Discourse use for their icons. :thinking:

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Heya :slight_smile:

I would give your phone a quick reboot. Maybe clear the cache of the browser (not sure if iOS allows this?) And then see if your phone can render these icons :stuck_out_tongue:

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This happened to me for slack the other day. I force quit and restarted it and it loaded with everything again.

Plus one to @nexusmaniac’s suggestion of rebooting.


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