Community #tbt: improving direct debits, and the very first Staff Q&A

Hi everyone!

We’ve done a couple Community TBTs now, where we look back at what the hot topic on the forum the same week last year. So what was happening on the forum this time last December?

@majdm was looking to go Full Monzo, but was worried about direct debits taking place on the same day as payday. Luckily, our payments engineer Nick could step in to say that we had just made a change so that BACS credits (i.e. your salary getting paid in) would happen before any direct debits on the same day.

Are you thinking about going Full Monzo, but something’s holding you back? What’s the one thing you’d want to see before you made the change?

Also happening this week last year: we inaugurated the Staff Q&A! We had a great Q&A from Santa lookalike @ChrsM, who talked about what a day in the life of COps looks like, how we think about supporting vulnerable customers, and how he’s actually “one of the biggest Scrooges” in the company, so “unless Monzo makes it a condition of my continued employment,” he would not be dressing up as Father Christmas at the company party. No word yet though on this year’s party! :wink:


Love throwbacks. I remember reading this as it happened :raised_hands:t3:.
It was also one of the changes that I wanted before I went full monzo

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