Committed spending for Trends

The trends feature has been improved a lot since it was rolled out, and I’m glad because it seems to be on way to replace budget - which I always loved.

The one feature that is yet to carry over is the committed spending, where spending that was non negotiable could be excluded from your overall budgets and spending.

I know someone will immediately jump in and say that categories can be excluded, and therefore you can immediately exclude bills things like mortgage, electricity etc.

This does not fulfil the need because I need certain things marked as bills to be considered, and things in other categories to also be marked as excluded. For example, I’m going to be paying Spotify every month and I don’t want it telling me I’ve used it in my entertainment target. I don’t consider it a bill, but I’ve had it for 10 years and I’m not going to cancel it.

I know you can exclude certain payments now from trends, which is great, but the budget tool really nailed it by saying ’ these are the repeat things that never change and we won’t consider them part of your budgets’.

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