Let users exclude a single transaction from the target

Due to the differing ways things are included and excluded from the calculations, there is a difference between what my monthly budget is saying and what my target is saying (ei. One using committed spending and the exclusion toggle, the other using excluded categories). I find both really useful features in their own right but, unless I’m missing something, I find it weird that they don’t tell me the same thing about my spending habits.

You can post your thoughts in here.

When you say budgets v targets do you mean summary v targets?

I have the same problem and it is really annoying that Trends will not exclude an individual spend that you have said you want to exclude if it is within a category that Trends includes.
My current solution is to move all individually excluded items to same excluded category…but it’s not ideal.
(The reason I excluded a single item within an included category was because it will be reimbursed by a 3rd party).
The real discrepancy is Trends claims I have more money left to spend than I really have because it doesn’t take into account all the rounding that has happened :frowning_face:

So, I’m thinking that the need here is to be able to exclude individual transactions like you can do in summary.

Is that something the team considered @RoreEricaOkoh @avb ?

Also I changed the title since that’s what this seems to relate to