Exclude from spending summary doesn't work in the new layout

When I make a big purchase, I take the money from a pot and exclude it from my spending summary so it doesn’t skew my budget, but this doesn’t seem to work I will the new “trends” view. I’ve switched back to the old layout for now, but please can this be fixed before the old layout is removed as it make budgeting (monzo’s main feature for me) not very usable. Or if I’m misunderstanding how to do it can it be made clearer?

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Hi @jmp & welcome :wave:

Trends is category driven, so while different to Summary, it can be used in exactly the same way (almost):

If you want to exclude a transaction from a Trends report, create a custom category called, for example, ‘Excluded’ (Custom categories require a Plus/Premiun subscription) or use an existing, but unused, standard category if no Plus/Premium sub.

Then categorise the required transaction(s) to the ‘Excluded’/standard category.

Then in Trends, exclude the ‘Excluded’ (or the standard) category by including it in the ‘Excluded from spending’ and ‘Excluded from target’ sections. In those sections, the category will be shown and it’ll total up the transactions in that category so you can still see what amounts have been excluded, even though they are not reported as spending in spending/targets

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