Trends and budgeting

I raised this issue years ago, and correct me if I’m wrong, but I think it still isn’t fixed.

I don’t understand why Monzo would add trends to their app (a feature that is marginally useful, nice to have, but not important), when their budgeting, which is an old feature, doesn’t work at all.

If you make bill splitting/sharing a big part of your app, you have to account for it in your budgeting system. If I split a bill either manually or with a tab, why would the full total be added to my total spending, especially when the person has paid me back for that? I can even understand why someone would want to see total outgoing, but this is a niche case and the more useful tool is seeing your net spending when budgeting.

On the other side of this, why do I not have the opportunity to include/exclude payments to other business accounts from my summary.

I understand why the defaults are here, but considering budgeting software has no impact on your actual finances, I can’t understand why you wouldn’t give me the opportunity to exclude portions of my bill from my budget (I’m even happy to do it manually). It only takes a small button next to the existing “exclude button”, an “exclude portion” for example with an opportunity to input your own value. Obviously this system is still fairly rudimentary, but it would at least make the feature usable.

Budgeting within your banking app is such a convenient concept in general and one so unbelievably wasted here. Maybe I’m misunderstanding the use-case, and I’m open to explanation but I can’t envision one myself. I’m forced to use an external budgeting app to do something that supposedly is supported by Monzo anyway.