Aggregate spending analysis for all connected accounts?

Is Monzo planning on implementing a spending analysis view of all connected accounts? If not, I think I’d rather ditch my Plus and go back to Money Dashboard. It’s just unnecessarily complicated to assess my Monzo spending separately from my credit card spending.


Precisely the reason I left Plus - and use MDB only now. R-

I really (really) hope so. There have been some hints, so fingers crossed :crossed_fingers:

Having said that, I think I’ll struggle to leave MDB behind completely. It gives me two excellent net-worth figures (one that includes pension and property, and one that’s just saving, credit cards, loans and investments). It really works for me.

If they add in a link to Zoopla, and to a few building societies and investment platforms it’ll be perfect.

(I’d be keen for this via Monzo too, but I just can’t ever see them doing it. Would love to be surprised though).

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It’s weird to see other companies doing what Monzo promised, but kept saying was too difficult, isn’t it?

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Did they ever say it was too difficult though?

It seems to me that they’ve never really focused - and executed - on doing one thing well. Although the profit incentive from Plus/Premium might be changing that.

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