Coinbase Transaction Refused

(Dave Cross) #1

This morning, I added my Monzo card to my Coinbase account and then tried to use it to buy £500 of Bitcoin. The transaction was refused by Monzo. So transferred the money to my old account and made the purchase through them.

Was it just a glitch that refused my transaction? Or do Monzo have a reason to block transactions from Coinbase?




Coinbase require 3d secure which is not part of monzo yet.

(Dave Cross) #3

Ah. Bugger. That’s a bit of a problem.

Do we know when it might appear?




There has been some discussion on here (try the search?) but I don’t recall seeing a timescale yet. I think they want to do something about the dreadful 3d secure UX

(Mark Edmonds) #5

Its planned for next year as I rememeber.

(Peter Roberts) #6

Sounds like we won’t be able to live in a purely Monzo world till some time next year

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