Trying to buy Bitcoin

I’m attempting to buy bit coin of the card. I had a £1 transaction and refund to register the card but when I try to buy btc it says to phone the number on the back of the card as the transaction could not be made

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A lot of cryptocurrency site require 3D secure for purchases, sadly Monzo don’t yet support it.


Yeah so I have just read… Thought 3DS was coming with the current accounts…

I believe it may be in the pipeline but with the new version of 3DS, I think Monzo might just wait for that.


We’re hoping to roll out 3D Secure in the next few months, so there won’t be too long to wait :slightly_smiling_face:


I have such mixed feelings about this. If it’s really, really slick (e.g. push notification to phone, tap yes, done) then great. But so many 3-D Secure implementations are so painful…

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The problem with 3D Secure is that if a card supports it, a lot of merchants will happily take advantage of it which will slow down transactions and no doubt cause UX issues. It would be awesome if we can toggle it, so that you can turn it on temporarily for sites where 3DS is mandatory (like Coinbase) but turn it off afterwards to not ruin the experience on every other site.


I’m not opposed to it to reduce fraud, I want to see lower fraud rates. I just think the experience needs to be made very fast and nice.

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Would also be good in the meantime to get a notification in feed that a transaction failed due to 3D secure not supported.

British airways for example also fails due to 3D secure, although this is a hit and miss. Flight tickets systematically fails for me, but buying extras (like extra luggage) works. It looks like from the UI that the two payments are done through different payments systems.

I don’t think Monzo knows the transaction failed because of 3DS - I think the merchant themselves checks whether the card supports 3DS before even attempting to authorize the transaction, so Monzo possibly doesn’t even see anything in that case.

Hum ok. You’re probably right. Quite annoying because one of the main things I like about Monzo is that if a transaction fails I immediately know why (wrong cvv, wrong exp date,…) vs legacy bank where you get no idea why. It felt very legacy-y when I got the transaction denied with no notification!