I keep having my Monzo account suspended when I add funds to coinbase.


I cannot register my card on coinbase (it was previously registered but was removed). Since I tried to add funds my Monzo account has been frozen and I’m unable to move funds. I’m trying to talk to CS but I’ve been in the chat now for an hour and noone is helping.

Has anyone got any idea what else to do?



All you can do is wait for chat.


Monzo, like many banks do not like Crypto as it is rife with scams. I lost my bitcoin (not much) to a fake twitter give away scam. I got greedy, but people will think “I got scammed, the bank will give me my money back” which it is ultimately nothing to do with them at all.

Likely Monzo have frozen your account for your own protection, hopefully you’ll have an answer by now