Coinbase withdrawal question


Sorry if this has been asked before but I am trying to make a withdrawal from Coinbase to my Monzo card but it says unable to

That would be understandable IF I wasn’t constantly able to deposit from the exact same card. How can it let me deposit but not withdraw, what’s the logic?

Has anyone else had this issue/got a way around it?


Is Coinbase saying you can’t withdraw? Then you need to speak to them – you might not be fulfilling some condition of theirs.

If Monzo were blocking it you could probably make the withdrawal but it would bounce back

When I go to the withdrawal it just says “unable to cash out” bit has no problem depositing from it. So can’t be a set up error

I saw people had issues with Binance but not Coinbase so not sure if it’s new or I am doing something wrong

Speak to Coinbase in the first instance

Never mind - should have been more patient! Had to be to the bank account than the card! Stupid me