Coin jar

My coin jar doesn’t work

Was the payment over £1?
Was your balance above £10

If yes for both, it’s broken.
If no for either, that’s how it’s designed.


Have you spelt it Coin Jar? any other way, e.g. with lower case on one word or no space or double space between words may not work. Also if created OK it still won’t work if your balance falls below £10 or on transactions below £1 (or foreign transactions below an equivalent of £1 at time of initial appearance on your account at rate of exchange as at time of transaction rather than the amount when transaction finalised even if higher due to changed exchange rate)



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Hello @Dantiz4

Sorry to hear this! I would suggest contacting us in the app so we can dig a little deeper for you :hammer_and_wrench:

I seem to recall there’s one other use case, where if the authorisation is for £1 or less and the amount is adjusted upwards when presented, that also won’t result in any change being added to the coin jar. Think that happened to someone with a TfL transaction.