Coffee pod machines - Nespresso or Tassimo?

I feel it’s time that I need to caffeinate myself more in the mornings - well, move beyond instant coffee at least. So, I’m looking at a dedicated coffee machine that takes those pods (which I’m now assured can now be recycled). But… which one to choose? Nespresso gets more attention, but I’m not sure the selection of coffees is that good. Tassimo, on the other hand, seems to offer more choice but is less well known (at least to me it is).

Does anybody have any opinions of either format or particular machines? I was thinking of taking out one of those subscriptions that both offer (£1 for the machine, then pay for the coffee/machine over 12/24 months kind of thing).

tassimo for us , the chai latte is nice as is the costa caramel latte


Had a nespresso machine for near 10 years, I really liked it, but just use aeropress all the time now. If you go nespresso, my fav was the purple capsule, 9 on strength scale I think. Found some of weaker ones very weak.


We’ve got a Tassimo MyWay 2 on a subscription plan (just about coming up to our 4th subscription delivery) and the machine and pods “aren’t bad”. There seems to be a decent range of pods available from Amazon. Cleaning the machine is reasonably simple, but it has got a Britta water filter which needs changing every 3 months and the descaling tables are £7 for 2 descales (we’ve done ours twice).

What is poor though is stock availability from their website and their website stability (although the latter has improved a bit over the last 9 months: but it took me at least 3 attempts to place our initial order due to the site refreshing and losing it on mobile, going unavailable etc). Items become unavailable with no expected return date - only to be available the next day. We’ve had “Delayed shipment” notifications 3 days after the delivery. There’s no option to say “Substitute X for Y” or “Wait for X to be in stock” etc - and once we got notified they didn’t have stock to complete the order 2 days after it was due to be dispatched and we had to change the order… Some of the more “Specialised/Special occasion” drinks aren’t available on the subscription plan and any special offers (such as the “£10 off when you register your machine”) can’t be applied to subscriptions.

Tassimo do participate with the Podback scheme (like Nespresso etc), but very few councils support kerbside pickups and the CollectPlus+ locations (at least near us - the closest is 3 miles away) are typical “small resentful newsagent” ones who make you feel guilty dropping off the pods for recycling - which is free TBF - let alone 5 bags at a time). I did as Podback if they had a “Bulk return” option, but just got a form letter in response.

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Are you sticking to just the ‘official’ pods? If not, Nespresso runs away with it, in my opinion. You can order specialty coffee, in recyclable/compostable pods from dozens of places online like Grind, Origin or Rave to name a few. I am fairly certain Tassimo doesn’t have such a wide range available (albeit based on a cursory google search).


Not personally a fan of pod machines, but definitely Nespresso for the much bigger ecosystem.

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I had a nespresso ages ago. It’s only a small step up from instant coffee in my opinion and is quite costly.

Just wondering why a pod system and not a bean to cup one?

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I have a Sage Nespresso machine, as @fintechfollower said above, if you want to prioritise Coffee, there are some really nice alternative Pods for the original style Nespresso machines. Nespresso don’t have a patent for the original style pods.

I personally buy the pods from Roastworks, it’s nice buying from a small independent roaster rather than giving even more money to Nestlé, or the alternatives and they taste great.

I agree with @Ordog, first party Nespresso pods don’t taste very nice. Lots of them have robusta coffee in them and tend to be roasted quite dark or have no flavour at all.


Reminds me, James Hoffman did a video where he tasted every single Nespresso pod:

I doubt I’d ever get a Nespresso machine myself, but I can see the appeal in terms of convenience. For me, my Moccamaster fits that niche compared to the other methods I use (it’s convenient for me, anyway).


Definitely never underestimate the power of convenience to trump all else.

I loved my espresso machine, but it was a good amount of work to make even one drink, let alone 5 or 6 when I had friends around.

Was more than worth the effort for me but I can see why plenty wouldn’t be bothered with the faff.

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I use to own a Tassimo machine but didn’t like how sweet everything tasted. Ended up tossing it. Nespresso was a lot more coffee-like but still not a huge fan. Next purchase is likely to be a V60 or an aeropress for the office instead.

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i like my tassimo the hot choc that comes for it claims to be cadbury but it tastes like brown watter so avoide that one , the costa caramel latte is def one of my favs and the coffee shop theme chai latte :slight_smile:

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I had a Tassimo. It has a decent range of different drinks, but we mostly drink coffee. We ended up giving it away, and getting a Dolce Gusto which IMO does better coffee.

I have had Nespresso as well, and I think the coffee on that is better too.

So based on that, I’d say get either a Dolce Gusto or a Nespresso and skip the Tassimo.

An important element in making good coffee is the pressure, and the Tassimo has a much lower pressure ability compared to the other two.

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Just to give a slightly different recommendation. Pact coffee is brilliant - I never used to be a big coffee drinker and am very uneducated in it all, but you can really tell the difference between the stuff I get from them and every other coffee I’ve ever had (except for maybe small boutique coffee chains).


That’s problem for me too - I’ve registered on the Tassimo site, but it does not interpret my address properly. So already I’m concerned about how well the system is going to work.

Yeah, I’ve a feeling that may be the same for me too. Not sure if it’s going to be any different from the Nespresso side of things either.

Definitely tempted by the variety of Nespresso pods versus Tassimo. Tassimo seems to have the bigger brands on board, but from what I’ve been reading here and elsewhere, Nespresso is of a better quality coffee. Plus I’m tempted by the CitiZ plus milk frothing device.

I suppose it is just convenience more than anything else. What would be even more convenient for me is a boiling water tap like we have at work. Instant coffee + milk and it’s done in seconds. But at the same time, I miss my Starbucks/Costa coffee fixes when regularly commuting.

I have a been to cup machine that’s just a push of a button and it will make all kinds of coffee. Latte, flat white, expresso, macchiatos and everything inbetween - it’s dead easy.

It grinds the beans, instant hot water and it does all the milk froth. It comes pre-configured then you can just tweak to your liking if you wish.