Tassimo Coffee Machine


So… I have just got into Coffee! Latte to start with… and have just gone out and purchesed a Tassimo Coffe Machine…

Having looked at the pods, I notice in the Costa Latte packs you only get 8, due to needing 2 pods per cup…

I notice you can buy Creamer from Milk pots… and then Espresso pots seperately…

If I mix the Milk and Espresso together… does that make Latte? Strange question I know :rofl::rofl:

Also does anyone have any good tips etc for it?


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Hey Dan! I have a Tassimo :grinning:

But, I’m vegan. So, I only buy packets that have 16 Pods of coffee per pack, such as the Americano ones, or the Morning Cafe.

Even if you’re not vegan, it’s more economical to do this and then just buy milk cartons separately. Because if you buy a £4 packet that has 8 coffee pods and 8 milk pods, you’re only getting 8 drinks out of it, whereas you can spend £4 on a pack with 16 coffee pods and spend £2 or less on a couple cartons of milk to go with it.

The Costa Latte pack and the other latte packs aren’t two pods per cup. It’s one pod of coffee and one pod of milk.


So the number in the bottom left of the pack is how many cups of coffee you get out of that packet.

You can make a quick DIY latte by doing the following:

Fill a mug a third of the way up with milk, microwave for 30-45 seconds, whisk it with a fork until it’s super frothy, and then put the mug under the Tassimo and use one of the pods.

Another good tip is that there’s way more options for Tassimo pods online than there are in stores.

I quite like this one:


:+1: Midnight save with @simonb, that’s Tassimo revenue down :chart_with_downwards_trend:


We’ve got a Nespresso and have the Aeroccino which will heat and froth milk. Highly recommend it, and just because it’s made my Nespresso, no reason why you can’t use it with Tassimo.


I bought my husband the aeroccino for his birthday, because he asked for it, but I really didn’t expect him to use it as often as he does. We use ours at least once a day, often more.


I got a subscription for the Nespresso Machine and the Aeroccino - can’t rate both highly enough and better yet you can get the Aeroccino separately - perfectly frothed milk (short drinks and lattes)!

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That’s a good shout. Maybe I’ll spring for a separate frother at some point.

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Have you worked out how much it would cost you over a year to buy all the drinks you would drink? Might find it would have been better to buy a bean-to-cup machine instead?

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Hey Dan!I have the Krups coffee machine from Nescafe and I usually buy the pods from Home Bargains, B&M Bargains and Poundscretcher…they are 20%cheaper.Even amazon it is an option to buy these pods.
But you could just buy the espresso ones and then add some hot milk over the coffee and you will have your latte.
Hope this help.Thanks

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This is a good shout. There’s a Poundstretcher not far from me and last time I was in there, they did indeed have good deals on Tassimo pods. I think I got some for £2.99 a pack instead of £4.


Yes, they all are cheaper then regular shops; and sometimes could get good deals. Try amazon as well, for buying larger quantities or doing yourself with espresso pods and add loose hot milk :slight_smile:

Thanks for everyones feedback! :slight_smile: I shall give some of your ideas a go! It seems the supermarkets also always have an offer on them…

Asda is 3 for £10 at the moment… Amazon 5 for £20

I have 2 nespresso machines the lattisimo touch and the essenza mini and aeroccino, can’t sing their praises enough, the coffee is lush and you can get hot chocolate and tea pods online

One thing that’s important to remember - regular cleaning. Grab the cleaning disc and rinse it through often

Also, I’m pretty sure you can subscribe and save on amazon, which is already a really cheap place to buy them

Also if you order from the tassimo website, I believe you get a discount on your first order!

We have a Nespresso coffee machine and use original Nespresso pods because there are sooo many tastes. But there is one big disadvantage - their price. But if you don’t want to spend a lot of money on coffee capsules you can buy another brand - they will fit too.
Being espresso lovers we have also bought a Gaggia Classic machine for the perfect espresso. We use both machines and really enjoy different coffee tastes.

I see these as a massive amount of plastic waste that can’t even be recycled.

I have a expresso machine I use most the time. I have access to company shop so I buy my coffee from there. (pre grownd i’m not that hipster)

For people like @simonb that are vegan using a expresso machine or french press makes the use of oatly, soya, almond etc much easier, you can just add it but whats the point then in pod convenience. (i’m a black coffee drinker lamo)

(bought nescafe for the first time in ages just in case with all the shortages of stuff at the moment)

We use Halo pods, all fully compostable.

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I could use ESE pods in the expresso machine but I can buy bags of coffee ground for 50p a bag from company shop so theres no point.

My council charges for food waste/garden bins which my dad doesnt pay for so II just chuck grounds in the bin. (at least its not plastic)

How do you dispose of them out of interest? In the food waste?

Do they perform as well as the original pods?

I tried Pact pods for a while - (and generally try and separate the foil from the coffee whatever I use, not fun) - but I found the espresso to be really watery!

Looove coffee, so glad to see this chat going on. I started with Tassimo and moved onto Nespresso. One thing that does concern me is recycling the pods. I do send them back to Nespresso (free of charge using their Collect+ service) but still it doesn’t feel great. Has anyone had experience of using one of these?

Reusable Coffee Pods

I figure you’d need a few of them otherwise you’ll just be refilling constantly. Recently having to cut down my intake though due to waking up with headaches at the weekend! :sweat:

Keep well & safe everyone.