Closure of my account

Hi all,

I’m June, I mistakenly used my fathers credit card to top up my Monzo - in response, he mistakenly contacted his Visa bank provider and asked them to look into the money that was missing from his account. In the end, my Monzo account became compromised and I was prompted to prove my identity on my monzo account otherwise it will be closed.

These prompts, emails, came in to my junk folder and I was unaware of them until it was too late.

Today, I attempted to reopen my account, but was unable to because my previous, now closed account had been attached to my current mobile number.

I contacted a Monzo rep who basically told me that there was nothing that could be done, and that I could not open my old account again or opening a new one.

I am a little upset that I have no options and can no longer be a monzo user.

Does anybody have any advice on the matter?

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Assuming this was a legitimate mistake I’m surprised why they wouldn’t allow you to reopen an account.

Maybe make a formal complaint explaining the situation by email? It could just be a misunderstanding, the advisor simply assumed the previous account was closed for actual fraud instead of a mistake.

I didn’t think that you could top up via credit card? That’s from personal experience! I had a tight month a couple of months ago!


Hmmmm interesting…:thinking:


I’ve flagged with with the Monzo team. Hopefully they can respond to you privately about this.

It’s not really something any of us can help with here on the forum I’m afraid :confused:


I guess that’s another reason to use bank transfers rather than top ups :thinking:

Assuming there’s not more to this, I’d guess that once you’ve exhausted all of Monzo’s complaints system, the Ombudsman would be the only resort.

Monzo are allowed to close accounts for any reason, though.

Hi appreciate your concerns here however Monzo is unable to help with issues like this on the forum. I’ve flagged this post up directly to Monzo so they will be along soon to advise next steps

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Hello @Harryba, I’ve messaged you privately to get some information from you. As this isn’t something we’re able to help out with directly on the forum I will close this now.