Closing an account and deleting it (and bank statement availability)

If I close my account, I understand that I can access bank statements after this point by logging into the Monzo app. If I want to remove this, i.e. I wish for my account to be completely deleted and there to be no way of accessing the bank statements. Is this possible?
As a background, I have just had a very unpleasant breakup and firstly I do not want my partner going on there and secondly I do not want to be reminded of anything.
If I was to create a new Monzo account at some point in the future, would it be clean and have no references to this old account either?


If you close your account I don’t believe that you can log into the app anymore so you won’t have access.

I can’t really comment on anything else but someone recently closed their account and asked for it to be reopened so I can tell you what Monzo said.

You can contact Monzo and ask them to wipe your account so you essentially start again without needing to close and reopen.

Otherwise, if you close your account and then plan to reopen it later you will need to contact them directly to do so. This is because they keep some details on file for legal reasons (for a year I think) such as your mobile number. Your mobile number needs to be unique to each account so it will prevent you from re-opening one the usual way without contacting them first.

Hopefully someone from Monzo can answer your statements question :slight_smile:


This is one that we, as customers, can’t answer with certainty. Your best bet is to talk to Monzo.

Clearly, legally, they can’t delete the records of an account but what you may or may not have access to is not clear.


I closed my account and I have access to app. I have access to all my statements. Account and Payments tabs was disabled and that’s it. I have access to chat as well

Don’t know your circumstances and if Monzo reminds you of your relationship or just the transactions.
If it’s just the data in your account at the moment maybe they can open you a new account that would not have this information if you still wanted to keep Monzo.
If you think your ex might access Monzo then look at securing your email, changing passwords etc.

Legally, Monzo is a bank and need to keep transaction data for a limited number of years. This legal requirement will be in line with GDPR.

The forum isn’t the place to ask these types of questions, you need to contact support to ask what can be achieved.

I left Monzo via the CASS and I could still access the app. I’d still get notifications if money was redirected etc.

When I wanted a new account I contacted Monzo via in app chat and they deleted the reference to my old account so I could sign up again :slightly_smiling_face:


Hey Lisa. Really sorry to hear your circumstances - as others have said it’s really something for Monzo to advise on themselves. Do start a chat in app, but also flagging @BethS, @simonb, @HughWells in case they can add in general terms to the conversation in public.

Hello @lisa7 :wave:

I’m going to break this down a bit to see if I’ve understood and answered all of your points.

1 - You can remove the app from your device, if you want to get statements you can email to request them - we would just need to complete some identity checks before we can provide them to you. :email:

2 - We cannot delete your account and the information completely. But we’ll only keep your personal information for as long as it’s necessary. Generally, this will be 6 years from the time that your account is closed :hourglass_flowing_sand: We’ll then delete it securely and safely.

We’re still designing our approach on how to delete it :wastebasket: We may employ different methods depending on the data. For example, we could do it by data clearing, which removes data altogether, or by anonymisation, which removes the personal identifiable section of the data so that the people it relates to stay anonymous.

As we’ve only been around for less than 6 years, this is essentially the last piece of the project that we’ll work on. But it will definitely be in place by the time we need it.

3 - You’d be unable to create a new Monzo account in the future, we would look at opening your old account which would have your old data attached to it. This is our current process so if you wanted to discuss that please let us know and we could open up that discussion :+1:


But if I used CASS to close my account how you will be able to re open my account ?

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They will remove the redirection flag, I saw someone say just recently.

See the previous answer:

Therefore would just be a case of “re-opening” the old account.

Specifically with a full switch away we would likely open a new account for you.

@BethS So if I used the current account switching service, waited the 7 days for the switch to happen and used this new “other” bank account instead, then, without closing this "other"bank account requested to create a Monzo I would be able to have a new account?
I don’t think the re-direction flag could be removed from the old account if I was still using the “other” bank account as this would negate my switch, is that correct?

You would be correct and that is likely what would happen, but you’d need to wait at least a month to return to Monzo - this is something we’ve put into our guidelines recently.