Closed Account -email confirmation request


I had my account closed without warning and I understand that it is in the terms that you can do this. However, what I really need is an email/letter confirming that my accounthas been closed, with the account number, sort code, and logo of Monzo on that confirmation. Without it I have funds (over £1000) in a bookmaker account that I cannot withdraw because it needs to go to the original source of funds, which it now can’t. If I have the confirmation that my Monzo account is now closed then they have confirmed that they can redirect my money to another card.

I obviously can’t live chat any more as I’m not allowed into the app without an account and as this is a large sum of money I’m anxious to have this resolved asap. A friend had a similar issue and was told on live chat that ‘I’m not sure if we can provide that email’. I’m at a loss how you can close an account and not then even have the courtesy to provide confirmation of this, so I would really appreciate help in this matter.



Hey Dean :wave:

Please email with this request, no one on the forum will be able to help here.