Clear/hide all notifications

Please could we have the ability to clear all notifications or at least have a persistent option to hide them from the feed.

What notifications specifically?

Like when activating dark mode you get that notification there?

Exactly, Iโ€™m thinking the notifications to say a payment was declined, or there was an active card check, or a direct debit was set up.

I think itโ€™s a โ€œfactualโ€ event in most instances so they like to show it to remind you or similar.

What OS are you on?

I can do this in iOS already if Iโ€™m thinking right? You just click on the little x and it clears from the feed?

Or are we on about something different?

Think he means so they just donโ€™t show at all.

Yep, just the ability to bulk hide/clear them. Rather than having to do each individually.

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Ahh I see, similar to iOS - interesting