Claiming Charges Due to Acceptance Issues

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Are we able to claim back any overseas card charges (from our current banks) incurred due to either the Current Account or prepaid card not being accepted?

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Cheeky! :upside_down_face:

I wouldn’t say so, but I’m not in charge :nerd_face:

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Think this would best be addressed by the in app chat, cant imagine anyone in the community has the power to authorise that kind of refund.


I would assume not, so much so that even as a non-betting man I would put money on it. No bank ever guarantees their cards work in all ATM machines on all ATM networks in all countries, let alone offer to pay any charges from other banks which are outside their control. Also, (a) the prepaid is a BETA, (b) the current account is a pre-release PREVIEW version. And all Monzo customers advised to carry an alternative card as a back up

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Both are technically beta and they do ask users to carry a spare card. Ultimately, I suppose it depends on the individual circumstances that led to the charges.

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And will Monzo pay for flights and accommodation too … my god, some people expect everything! lol :slight_smile:

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Here’s source:

It’s best to contact via the app chat and ask about it if you had this situation.


If the current account is a beta then what is the prepaid account a beta for? The release candidate prepaid account?

(MikeF) #9

The Current Accounts a preview to get all the CA specific bits and pieces working with the obvious implication that some of the bits and pieces don’t yet work…

The prepaid is a Beta test for the Current Account. I think you know all this already really.

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