CIFAS marker

Ibrahim (16) (turned 16 just when this happened)
So guys,
I did a very stupid thing, and sent my card and my account details to someone I did not know, thinking, no harm, since there is no money in it(he said he needed it to pay someone as he doesn’t have a bank account). He said he could make me money and I can prove all of this by the way. Then I start getting weird notifications when I’m at school saying big atm withdrawals are being made. I come home to find my account has been closed ;( and on top of all that, I went to Lloyd’s with my father and was rejected an account (because of cifas). My life is turned upside down… I am very scared, please someone help me… I heard markers stay for a minimum of 6 years meaning I won’t be able to get a job or go to university… honestly I would get on four knees and beg for an account :frowning: I will never ever give anyone my account again by the way guys, I’m young I haven’t got experience in the real world, please help me …

There’s really no practical help anyone on an Internet forum can provide and it’s probably not the most sensible place to ask, if I’m honest.

Dealing with family, friends and people you trust will be a much better option for you in the long run. That’s really the only advice I can provide.

I just want to know what I can do…

Monzo do accept some people with CIFAS markers. Just apply and they will contact you if they need further information

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I was with monzo… I’m pretty sure they must’ve blacklisted me

Ah sorry. Misunderstood.

You allowed your account to be used to defraud other people. There’s nothing that can be done


Almost word for word what was reported here in Jan 18


Thanks Chris

Again, a forum of random strangers is really not the place for this sort of discussion which probably needs to be a lot more detailed and personal than is sensible on the open internet.


But I did find a forum to help me from Chris? And it is actually helping…

There is someone saying if you pay the amount you owe, you can be removed, which in my case £450 came in and out. If I pay this will my marker be removed?

No. Definitely not. It’s a marker for fraud not an unpaid bill marker

Maybe try cash plus or one of the prepaid cards


Only financial institutions can remove a CIFAS marker - it’s a fraud marker.

You’re better making a complaint and following it through to the Financial Ombudsman - obviously providing the evidence you have.

Don’t pay anybody that offers to remove it for you, it’s likely to be a scam.

Ask your parents to assist you with your complaint.

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I’ve relisted this but closed the thread :+1:

I’m afraid there is no practical advice we can really provide on the forum, but, I think it’s probably useful to leave this here as a warning to those we are tempted to do as you did! Hopefully something positive can then come out of this really bad experience for you :disappointed_relieved: :+1: