CIFAS Victim Marker

Hey all,

I recently decided to take out a sim only contract with Three. I’ve never taken out a contract with them or any other network before. All went through fine and I’ve been using my new plan for a few days however this morning I checked my ClearScore and it said a new CIFAS record was added. It doesn’t really tell me much on ClearScore but on CreditKarma it says it’s a “Victim of Impersonation” marker and that it was placed by Hutchison 3G. In the role section it says “victim of takeover”?

So what do I do here? Obviously I wasn’t a victim and this was me so I’m curious as to why this was placed. Do I contact Three to get this removed or do I contact CIFAS, or do I just leave it? I was planning to purchase a car in a few months so I’m hoping this doesn’t affect that.

Any help would be much appreciated, thanks!

Had a look on the CIFAS site ( and found this:

Probably best to follow that information :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the link - I did see this but no letter as of yet so will wait a few days and see if anything comes through.