Has anyone got a cifas marker from Monzo and resolved it?

I was given a cifas marker due to me being manipulated by a “friend” that made me think I was doing them a favour by letting them withdraw their money from crypto with my account.

If anyone has been issued a cifas and got it removed please respond in the comments I have a few questions. Thank you!

Hi! Sorry to hear you’ve been manipulated by a friend. That said, I don’t think this is the best place to talk about these things (though others might disagree).

It’s also likely to be the case of a very tough life lesson unless you’ve got some extenuating circumstances


Now I love this forum to bits, bonkers though it can be at times, but this definitely feels more like a case for Citizens Advice or the like


When you speak to citizens advice, you need to be 100% honest with them because otherwise they can’t help you.


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