Cifas marker 18 yr old

My son who is now 18 received a Cifas marker 6 for something when he was 16. We are currently appealing through the financial ombudsman to have it removed. He has a part time job and is planning to go to university in September and needs a bank account. Do Monzo offer people with Cifas markers an account? Also if he applies and was rejected, would this affect any credit ratings, now he is 18? He hasn’t applied yet due to this concern.
Any advice would be most welcome.

Hi @york this should help:

Hi @York :wave:

I’m sorry to hear about all the hassle you’ve all been having with this :frowning:

I’d suggest he applies in the app, as Andy has suggested, and we’ll be able to review everything and let him know if there are any problems :+1: Fingers crossed there won’t be any issues :raised_hands:

If his account application were to be rejected, it shouldn’t have any impact beyond him being unable to take out an account with us.

I hope that helps!


If there are any issues, would you just reject him or would you discuss it with him first?

We would reach out to him in the first instance :+1:


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